"Call the Midwife" Wool blend, Reversable Capelets

Wool blend, reversible Capelet multi sized. Black side is 97% cotton & 3% spandex. Sorry wool content % unknown. Black Satin ribbon closure. Length: Back 46cm, Front 39cm

Hot Pink / Black Capelet w Pansy Motif

Price: 40.00 NZD
Call the Midwife Wool Blend Reversible Capelet Hot Pink & Black w Pansy Motif.

Purple / Black Capelet w Pansy motif

Price: 40.00 NZD
Call the Midwife, Wool blend Reversible Capelet w Pansy motif

Purple / Black Capelet

Price: 40.00 NZD
Purple / Black Reversible multi sized "Call the Midwife" Capelet

Hot Pink / Black Capelet

Price: 40.00 NZD
Hot Pink / Black "Call the Midwife" Wool blend, Reversible Capelet. Actual cape is more pink than the photo. Will try to get a better photo tomorrow.

Pink, Black & Purple Capelet

Price: 40.00 NZD
Pink, Black & Purple " Call the Midwife" Capelet Multi sized.

Rural Delivery surcharge

Price: 5.50 NZD